How a Lack of Sleep Damages Our Skin

We’ve all been there before- exhausted, stressed, and wishing we got more sleep the night before!

Well this is a very common problem in many adults today.

Not only does it make the day a lot harder to enjoy and stay awake, but it can actually do a lot of damage to our skin.

Let’s find out some of the ways that we are actually harming our skin by lacking those ZZZ’s!

Studies show that adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Even just getting only 6 hours can greatly increase health problems, such as inflammation and stroke.

We may think that our bodies need sleep just because we’re tired from a long day, but there’s actually a lot more happening in our bodies than we realize.

Toxins Can Get Built Up

Our brain is busy at work while we sleep. It’s during this time when we’re completely checked out for the day, that it cleans out any toxins that it built up during that day.

Because our skin is the largest organ of the body, the first sign of inflammation will be revealed through our skin.

When we don’t sleep enough, our brain has a harder time flushing out toxins, and as a result, we usually wake up with red, blotchy skin.

Causes Stress

The brain also controls two different types of sleep:

SWS-slow wave sleep (deep sleep)

REM- rapid eye movement (when we dream)

When we don’t sleep well, and don’t enter into REM sleep, that can hinder our learning, memory, and mood for the next day-usually resulting in stress.

And where stress is increased, acne is usually there to follow.

Disrupts Our Skins Healing process

Our skin also is very active during sleep. This is the time where skin rebuilds tissue and cells, and repairs any damages that happened that day.

A lack of sleep can also reduce the skins hydration and pH levels, causing your skin to become imbalanced and look dryer.

When we don’t sleep enough, it can cause a disruption in our skins healing, and cause wounds to take longer to repair.

Affect our Hormones

Being sleep deprived can also disrupt our hormones, which can greatly worsen acne.

During sleep is when cortisol levels decrease.

Now this is super important that our cortisol levels reduce before a new day begins, because too much cortisol can wreak havoc on our bodies.

When Cortisol Levels Stay High it Can Result In:

•Over oily skin



•Improper Healing

•Highly Inflamed Skin

• A lot of stress

Ages Skin Faster

When the inflammation of our skin increases due to lack of sleep, our cells have a harder time functioning.

This can actually start to damage your skins elastin and collagen levels, leading to premature aging and many skin issues.

It can also cause dark eye circles, bags, and a rough texture. This can cause you to lose that youthful and pretty morning glow.

Let’s Get More Sleep!

In other words, sleep is so crucial for our health and our skin!

As hard as it may be to turn off the screens, and hit the pillow early each night, the results are definitely worth it!

Comment down below some helpful tips with getting good sleep!








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