Top Spot Treatments For Acne

Have you ever experienced the feeling of waking up to find a new angry cystic zit about to pop up and wish you a good morning?

Well I have.

And it’s the only hello I immediately want to say goodbye to!

But those little (or big) suckers usually stay awhile on my skin.

That’s why I have fallen in LOVE with all natural spot treatments!

I simply apply them directly over my blemishes, and by the time I wake up, they are either gone, or drastically reduced in size!

I found a few of the best natural, truly powerful spot treatments out there and I’m so excited to share them with you!

**Please note that some of these links on this page are affiliated. This means that if you click on one of these links and make a purchase, I receive a small commission. This doesn’t ever cost you extra. But it’s these small commissions that helps to keep this blog going! Please know that I will only recommend product that I trust, or have personally tried and loved, and that are completely safe and natural.

Blume Meltdown (Receive 10% off)

Of course I had to list this one first! This high-quality oil has been my holy grail for acne! Of course I was skeptical at first, as I was reading reviews on how it was healing peoples skin after the first use. But I decided to try it, and I’m so thankful that I did! Within just one week, my active pimples were gone! And they stayed away until I hit my period two weeks later! I remember I had one deep cystic pimple, and it never came up to see the light of day! Just one drop can be spread easily on each blemish, or can be mixed into your moisturizer to be spread across the whole face. This will help to completely get rid of cystic and hormonal acne. Its main priority is to fight breakouts, calm inflammation, shrink pores, and prevent scarring. Always great for all skin types, with no harsh ingredients! You can read more about my experience here.

Incredible oils inside:

❁Black cumin seed oil

❁Lavender oil

❁Rose hip oil

❁Tamanu oil

❁Rosemary leaves extract

❁Olea olive leaf extract

❁Lemon oil

❁Eucalyptus global leaf extract

❁Pine leaf oil

❁Tea tree oil

❁Clover leaf oil

❁Blue tansy oil

Living Libations-Zippity DewDab

This amazing combination of oils helps to zap stubborn zits that just won’t back down! It helps to completely remove and eliminate blemishes, and helps to clarify congested skin. It cleans out pores, and balances skin tone. It’s great for hormonal and cystic acne! Just apply a drop directly on top of your blemishes and watch this beautiful oil do the work!

The acne fighting oils used inside-


❁Carrot Seed




❁Sweet Thyme

Living Libations-Dew Dab

This is in the same brand as the one above, but its main priority is to even and balance skin tone. DoDab helps to treat fine lines, scars, blemishes, rosacea, melasma, bumps, and discoloration. It helps to heal and restore damaged skin. If you’re looking for an all natural product to give you a beautiful even skin tone and complexion, this one is for you!

The powerful ingredients inside:

❁Cape chamomile

❁Rose Otto





Let’s stop hiding our blemishes, and instead let’s say goodbye to them!

Comment down below if you’ve tried one of these powerful blend of oils and how it’s helped your skin heal!