5 Supplements to Heal Acne

We all know that supplements are amazing for healing acne and skin related problems, but which ones do we choose?

There are so many fads that come and go when it comes to skincare. But nobody wants to spend their whole paycheck on a product that you realize.. well, is only a fad!

So I’ve put together a list of supplements that are truly here to stay for the long run!

These have been tested out, and studied to show that they truly do help to heal your skin!

There are different names and versions of each of these supplements that I’ve listed down below, so make sure to talk to your doctor about which one will serve you best!

1) Turmeric

Okay, I’ve always heard about how amazing turmeric is for acne. I started out by putting a sprinkle in my tea everyday, and even some in my meals. But the taste is not my favorite. Then, I heard that they also come in a capsule! I immediately went to go buy some, and have been taking it ever since! I have been sold on the turmeric band wagon, and it has definitely helped to heal my skin!


❁Brightens skin

❁Is an anti-inflammatory-great for acne, rosacea, and psoriasis

❁Reduces dark circles

❁Lightens acne scars and hyper-pigmentation

❁Helps with anti-aging

❁A natural sun protector

❁Soothes dry skin

Add turmeric into these delicious foods-

Soup, lattes, salad dressings, cauliflower rice, and smoothies.

2) Vitamin C-

Also known as the holy grail for skincare! There are so many reasons why we should be eating foods high in vitamin c every day, and also applying it to your skin can greatly benefit your skins healing process! But when you find it difficult to get the daily intake recommendation, then you can take it from a pill like form.


❁Brings lots of hydration to the skin

❁Helps increase collagen production

❁Repairs sun damage with continued use

❁Helps to fade and smooth scars/dark spots

❁Helps to heal wounds faster

❁A natural skin brightener

Some great foods that naturally are packed with vitamin C-

Yellow pepper, Kale, Kiwi, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, lemons, oranges, papayas, and strawberries.

3) Magnesium-

Many people here in the US have a hard time getting enough magnesium in their diets everyday.

But magnesium is very important for our bodies to function.

And not getting enough results in being more likely to have inflammation in our bodies. Of course, we know this can lead to acne.


❁Helps regulate hormonal imbalances

❁Lowers cortisol production

❁Helps calcium absorb better into the body

❁Calms stress levels

❁Aids in good sleep

Some great foods that naturally are packed with magnesium

Bananas, Leafy greens, avocados, legumes, tofu, seeds, dark chocolate, and whole grains.

4) Zinc-

Okay, so zinc is one of the best minerals for acne! Chances are if you do struggle with inflammation and acne, you could be low in zinc.

This is the supplement that my naturopathic doctor personally prescribed me, and it was definitely one that really helped to clear my skin! Now there’s a bunch of different kinds out there, but she recommended me Zinc Glycinate.


❁Decreases oil production

❁Reduces inflammation

❁calms androgens-the hormone that triggers acne

Some great foods that naturally are packed with zinc

Meat, Legumes, Seeds, nuts, eggs, and whole grains.

5) Vitamin D-

I never realized how important it is for you to have a healthy amount of vitamin D every day to have healthy skin!

Over 80% of all women are lacking vitamin D!

When I went to my naturopathic doctor, she had me do a blood work test to figure out what was causing my acne. Well, all my tests came back normal and healthy, except for my vitamin D was very low.

It’s so important that we can either get in the sun for about 10-30 minutes every day (without getting burned of course), eat food with plenty of vitamin D, or to take it as a supplement!


❁Has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to calm acne that’s red and painful

❁Helps with healthy ovulation

❁Helps with hyperandrogenism (over production of the androgens, which leads to acne)

Some great foods that naturally are packed with Vitamin D-

Tuna, salmon, cheese, egg yolks, cereal, soy milk, and beef liver.

Comment down below how these have helped your skin and health! And if you have any other recommendations please share!

With love,

100 Summers





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