How Your Gut Could Be Causing your Acne

Do ever you feel like your in a never ending battle to keep your skin clear?

Does it actually feel like your skin is against you, and it’s literally trying to take over with painful angry bumps everywhere?

I’ve been there too.

But here’s the thing…

I truly believe that acne is just a symptom of something deeper that’s happening on the inside of our bodies.

When I was struggling with acne last year, something that I didn’t realize, is that my gut is VERY connected to the health and wellness of my skin.

So is my goal this year. To completely heal my gut!

It’s definitely a process, but we will never get our clear and healthy skin back by not going to the root of the problem!

Now, there can be other reasons your breaking out other than your gut, but research shows that acne is not necessarily a problem of the skin, but more so of the gut.

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and one way we can visually see what’s happening in our gut, is to simply look at our skin.

What is The Purpose of Our Gut?

Our gut, aka the gastrointestinal tracts main job is to process and break down our food. This begins all the way from the moment we start to chew our food, to the moment we pass it through our stools.

Inside of our gut lives thousands of species of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes that make up our human microbiome.

These “bugs” are in charge of digesting our food, protects against infections, keeps our immune system healthy, produces B and K vitamins, and removes toxins.

It’s very important that we have a healthy balance of good and bad gut flora. Too much bad bacteria can cause you to get sick, give you digestive problems, and even lead to leaky gut syndrome.

So the question is, how do I know if my gut is giving me problems? I’ve listed down below some symptoms of an imbalanced gut.

Symptoms Of A Struggling Gut-

❁Food allergies or sensitivities

❁Acne, rosacea, or eczema



❁Sugar cravings



❁Extreme mood swings

❁Weight gain

❁Extreme fatigue

❁Joint pain

❁Autoimmune disorders

❁Lack of concentration

How Food Can Affect Our Gut

There are many reasons why our gut could be causing havoc on our skin, but a huge reason is determined by the foods that we eat.

The food that we eat goes through our digestive tract and gets broken down into our necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and the source of where we get our energy.

If we’re only consuming foods that are highly processed and inflammatory, you bet your gonna feel terrible, and your skin is going to suffer!

Foods That Harm our Gut

❁Inflammatory Foods-


❁Cows milk



❁Highly processed foods-pretty much anything that comes in a box!

It’s important to know that our daily lifestyle and habits can also cause disruption to our gut and our microbiome health.

The following list can all contribute to an unhealthy gut-


❁Alcohol or drugs


❁Sudden wight loss/gain



Healing Our Gut

A healthy gut is determined by our diet, gut flora, and the strength of the walls of our intestines.

The first step to healing our gut, is to eat a healthy and nutritional diet. I know that it’s so hard to stay away from our favorite snacks and desserts, but if we really want to heal the inside of our bodies so that the outside can flourish, a break will be worth it!

Try to incorporate any of these following foods to help your gut get back to its healthy self!

Foods That Help Our Gut-






❁Fermented Veggies



❁Olive Oil






Making Sure the Food We Eat is Healthy is Very Important For Our Gut Health, Along With-

❁Exercising regularly

❁Taking probiotics and probiotics (read down below for details)

❁Eating fermented foods (many listed above)

❁Avoid taking antibiotics if possible

❁Avoid smoking

❁Switch to non-toxic cleaning products

❁Get good sleep

❁Give your gut a break, and try intermittent fasting


Last but certainly not least, in order to have a healthy gut, we need to be taking a probiotic and prebiotic daily.  These are live good microorganisms that help to grow in the gut, and keep our digestive tract and immune system healthy. They are crucial to help heal and restore the health to our gut!

I have listed a few natural, safe brands that are very effective, and that will get you on your way to a healthier body and clearer skin!

(These links contain affiliate links, a way to help this blog continue to exist, it won’t effect you in any negative way, but I so appreciate any clicks and purchases you shall make:)

Purely Optimal Probiotics








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