The Worst Foods for Acne Prone Skin

As someone with acne prone skin, I am always looking for ways to help heal my skin from the inside out!

In this blog post, I’m going to break down 5 different food categories that can greatly affect the clearing of your skin.

I know that it’s hard to eliminate our favorite foods from our diet, but it’s all in moderation!

Let’s learn how we can further love on our skin by watching the foods that we eat!

1) Sugar

Now this has been the hardest one for me to lower in my diet. I have the biggest sweet tooth, and I love to break open that box of cookies!

But studies have been shown that increased sugar intake such as sodas, cake, juice and carbs tend to spike up your blood sugar real quick.

This then causes your body to create more insulin (your bodies natural way of trying to bring down your blood sugar) and that can throw off your hormones.

With imbalanced hormones, this leads to over production of oil in your skin, and cortisol levels to rise, and then it can just be a train wreck from there!

Having sugar here and there is fine, but to help our skin clear, we should limit our intake every day.

2) Highly Processed Foods

We all love them, crave them, and enjoy binge eating them! But, eating highly processed foods can be very damaging to our skin and body.

These foods include processed meats, potato chips, bread, sugary drinks, pizza, margarine, and almost anything that comes in a box!

These type of foods are filled with sugar that causes inflammation to the body.

Highly processed food also wreaks havoc on our gut health. The bad bacteria in our gut feeds off of this processed sugar, and if there’s too much bad “bugs” in your gut, it can cause a whole bunch of sickness and disease such as IBS.

And last but not least, highly processed foods can affect your hormones. If your hormones are out of wack, this almost always leads to acne.


 3) Dairy-

Studies have been shown that the link to dairy and acne are very much connected, but researchers are still trying to figure out the exact reasons for this.

In order to grow milk production, dairy cows are treated with artificial hormones. As we drink milk, these fake hormones can greatly affect and throw off our own hormones, causing acne.

Dairy milk is also loaded with sugar (Lactose), that can disrupt our insulin levels, causing skin to be more likely to break out with acne.

So far, skim milk has been the leading dairy milk to affect acne the most.

I have noticed a significant difference in my skin once I switched over to a non-dairy milk such as almond, or oat milk and stopped eating foods that contain dairy.


4) Fast Food

The Western-style diet is one that’s filled with a ton of calories, refined carbohydrates, salt and fat.

Fast food such as burgers, fries, hot dogs, nuggets, sodas and milkshakes fall under this category.

This type of diet, if consumed often, is known to increase the risk of acne.

If you really think about it, these foods are filled with ingredients that are very cheap, and that are made quickly.

These ingredients most likely are more low quality, and therefore not the best for our bodies or our skin.

It’s fine eating in moderation, but if your having it multiple times per week, this may be a reason you are breaking out.


5) Foods Rich In Omega-6 Fats

The Western-style diet usually contains large amounts of omega-6 fatty acids.

These have been known to increase inflammation in the body, usually resulting in acne.

Foods that contain soybean and corn oil are very rich in omega-6 fatty acids.

Its very important that our intake of Omega-3 fatty acids stay higher, as this helps to reduce inflammation and lowers the severity of acne.

Some foods that are high in Omega-3 is salmon and walnuts.


Let’s Clear Our Skin!

So how did you do? Do you eat a bunch of these per week?

It’s okay if you do!

But if your up for the challenge, try to stay away from these foods for one week, and see how much your skin will improve!

Let me know how this helps your skin clear up!

Much love, -100 Summers












2 thoughts on “The Worst Foods for Acne Prone Skin

  1. Awesome post! Unfortunately the only category I do well in is dairy, the others are definitely still in my diet on a regular basis!


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