5 Ways Acne Has Blessed Me

Ok, have you ever gone through a time of your life, where you just want to get out so bad?

Well that’s how it’s been for me with acne.

At first.

I saw no benefit. I saw no good thing that could’ve came out of it.

But as I look back now, I realize I’ve learned so much!

I’ve learned life lessons.

I’ve become a more loving, compassionate and accepting person.

Because of acne?

Yes, because of acne.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t under-estimate the pain and how frustrating it can be.

I can relate to you wholeheartedly.

But, if I can help you to realize that you can actually benefit from acne, and not just wallow in your sorrow, then that is what this post is for!

I want to encourage you and help you along, knowing that even in this rough time of your life, you can actually grow from it!

Here are 5 gifts that I have been blessed with all because of acne!

1) I’ve become More Thankful

I’ve never realized what a blessing it is to continually be in a mind of thankfulness.

I have heard of people having a thankful journal, or thinking of three or more things they are thankful for before they start their day, and how that has greatly impacted their life for the better.

I’ve been trying this for the past few weeks and it has changed my day drastically!

It’s amazing to have a postitive perspecitve in everything- including acne.

So to start off, I am truly thankful for my journey with acne.

It has changed my life for the better.

Dealing with acne, you go through hard times, and harder times.

But I’m learning to be thankful for those days that don’t seem as painful or as bad.

It’s been hard but I’ve been able to change my thinking to something like; “hey I have one less pimple then I did 2 days ago!”

Having a mind of thankfulness has been really life changing!

I’m also thankful for acne becuase it has allowed me to look at my diet and lifestyle to see what I can actually change to benefit me.

I’ve started eating a lot cleaner and healthier, and I know that this is a blessing not only for my skin but for my whole life in the long run!


 2) It’s Given Me A Special Compassion for Others

I was very fortunate growing up, I didn’t have a ton of acne.

In school I always saw people with acne, but I couldn’t relate to them at all.

Now that I’ve struggled with it pretty badly myself at age 23 and 24, I can look at someone who walks by me, a precious red and inflammed face, and immediatly my heart goes out to them.

It makes me want to just go up to a random stranger and just hug them, because I can completely understand what they are going through.

you can’t completely get on someone elses level and relate to them unless you have gone through that similar situation yourself.

I am so thankful that I can love people in a special way because of the fact that I have struggled with acne.

3) Helped Me to Focus on the Inside Character

It’s very easy to find confidence in outer beauty.

At least for me it is. 

The clothes I wear, the makeup I put on, etc.

Acne doesn’t help with this at all.

But it has actually helped me become a better me.

Those days when no makeup would even cover up a little bit of discoloration, texture, or pimples, I had to ask myself;

“Who am I going to be today?”

“Am I going to let my insecurities and emotions be the loudest voices in my head?”

“Am I going to let my skin ruin my day and steal my joy?”

This taught me to have to work on knowing my worth, and value apart from my outer beauty.

Believe me it’s hard and I’m still working on it to this day.

But one day we’re all going to get old and wrinkly, and how terrible would that be if that “young beauty” was all that we hoped in?

I’m so thankful to realize that it’s our character and the person that we are on the inside, that is far more special and important to work on, than just how we look.


4) Helped Me To Learn To Enjoy Life, And To Live With Less Stress

Now having realized that my skin situation is temporary, it’s really helped to open my eyes to what’s truly important.

It’s always tempting to go and isolate and just be away from people when I’m struggling with self confidence, and how I look and feel.

But I don’t want my skin to stop me from enjoying my family, friends and this beautiful change of weather!

Acne will fade eventually and what do I want to look back on and remember when it’s over?

I want to remember the special memories and the ways that I had stepped up and gained courage, even with acne.

I can truly say that I enjoy life better because I have learned to cut the stressful things out of my life so I can first off prevent acne, and also just be a happier, healthier person!

5) Given Me a Passion for Helping Others

 This makes me so happy it brings me tears to my eyes, because acne has given me my life passion!

Without this long journey of acne, I would never have realized how much I love skincare, and helping people heal their skin!

I get to combine my favorite things; beauty, skincare, and nautral living!

I am so thankful for my personal journey with acne!

I would love to hear the ways that acne has helped you grow and become a better person as well!

And if your not at that stage yet, and are just having a really hard time with your skin, please reach out, I would love to help you with anything I can!

With love, Amber


4 thoughts on “5 Ways Acne Has Blessed Me

  1. I love your perspective spin on this! I have struggled with acne my whole life and never looked at it this way! Love it ❤


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