Could A Parasite Be Causing Your Acne? My Parasite Cleanse

Okay, so you may have clicked on this post because your absolutely horrified that this can actually be a thing!

But yes, it’s a very real reality that people can be suffering from parasites.

In fact statistics show that millions of people in the US may have some sort of parasite inside them without knowing it.

Let’s find out why these unwanted specimens could be wreaking havoc on our bodies, and causing us to break out with acne!

What Is A Parasite?

A parasite is an organism living inside another organism (or within a host), feeding off of their nutrients.

Once they are inside of your body, they are depending on you for survival.

When they grow, reproduce, and even invade important organs in our bodies, this can cause serious diseases.

So if there is a parasite living in you, it’s going to be stealing your essential nutrients, depriving you of all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

This is why it’s very common for people with a parasite to have many different nutrient deficiency’s (iron is very common).

Symptoms of Having A Parasite


•Skin irritations

•Bloating + gas

•Digestion problems

•Teeth grinding

•Extreme Fatigue


•Diarrhea (also travelers diarrhea)

•Sensitivity to foods

•Dark eye circles

•Itching around the anus

•Painful cramps during mensuration


•Difficulty sleeping

•Having a strong sweet tooth

•Aching joints and muscles

•Iron deficiency

How Do You Get A Parasite?

Many people refer to getting a parasite when you travel to another country.

That is definitely very possible, and happens a lot. But it’s very common to pick one up right where you live.

There are many ways to get a parasite-

•Unfiltered Water

•Under cooked meat (especially pork)

•Raw fish (sushi)

•Your Pets feces

•Public bathrooms

•Unwashed Produce

•Swallowing Water from lakes, ponds, or streams

•Through Soil (make sure you don’t have a cut or wound, while walking barefoot)

Why I Decided to Do A Parasite Cleanse

I have been struggling with acne for the past few years and have been trying everything natural to get rid of it.

When I found out all of this information about parasites and how they feed off of my very expensive vitamins and minerals, I realized I won’t get anywhere unless I first get rid of any existing parasites.

Now I didn’t fully know for sure that I had parasites inside of my body, but I had many of the symptoms in the list above, so I decided that it could be beneficial to do a cleanse just incase.

Here are the recommended herbs to effectively get rid of parasites:


•Black walnut

•Clove bud


•Olive leaf


Someone I know recommended NOW Foods, and it’s reviews were really awesome, so I gave this one a go.

It’s in liquid form, and it has a very strong flavor, so I just mixed it into my green Naked Juice, as it’s very thick and helps to disguise the taste.

But your more then welcome to take it straight from the dropper!

How to Do A Parasite Cleanse

So I started out taking it twice a day, morning (2 hours before breakfast) and night (before bed) for 2 weeks.

Then it calls to take a week break.

And then start again for 2 more weeks.

I saw some awesome results so I actually did the whole process once more, resulting in an 8 week cleanse. (I wanted to make sure I got rid of all of them!)

During the beginning of this whole process, I realized I was very tired all the time. I had a feeling this could be one of the die off symptoms.

Die off symptoms occur when the parasites die, and start to exit your body.

This can actually cause your symptoms to get worse before it gets better. So you may want to involve your doctor.

Some common die off symptoms can include headaches, diarrhea, increased fatigue, and even vomiting. (I did not experience vomiting).

I was very drained throughout the day. But it was helpful to know that this was just a sign that they were exiting my body.

And that my body was in the healing process.

I also had a pretty bad breakout which could have been a late period flare up, but I had a feeling it could have been from this cleanse. But it cleared away within a few days, and my skin has been much clearer after that.

When doing a parasite cleanse it’s very important to eat very clean and drink plenty of water to flush toxins out.

During my cleanse, I tried to stay away from sweets and highly processed foods.

It’s also important to take a good probiotic to help keep your gut healthy while doing this type of cleanse.

Can You Actually See The Parasites?

Now this is crazy, and maybe a little TMI, but yes you can see any possible parasites if… you dig through your stools.

Yes, I used a q-tip and went dissecting away like I was in science class!

And to my amazement I did see some.

They don’t come out alive, and they are definitely dead. But they may come out with many of their friends.

I personally find these things fascinating, and also just wanted some encouragement that I actually had parasites, and that I wasn’t just wasting my time on this cleanse.

I’d recommend looking online to see what they look like before, so that you can identify any of these pesky parasites!

Should You Do A Parasite Cleanse?

Well this is entirely up to you, but if you struggle with a lot of the symptoms above like I did, this could really help you.

And since these herbs are natural, and very healing for your gut, it can just be a healthy cleanse in general!

Talk to you doctor about it, and give it ago!

I’m so thankful that I did!

As a result my skin looks so much clearer, and I’m thankful that I found the, or one of the root causes of my acne!

Now I can feel at ease, knowing that there isn’t something inside of me stealing all of my nutrients, and making my body sick!

NOW Foods Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex (2 Pack)