The Best Face Masks For Healing Acne

Thick and creamy, warm and tingly…

We all know the amazing feeling of a good face mask!

Not to mention the incredible benefits each unique one has for our skin!

There are so many different kinds of masks for every skin type, and for different skin issues.

I’ve listed down below 3 different face masks all being different, but if used every week, can drastically speed up your skins healing process!

Pumpkin Glycolic Mask-

Skin Type- Acne, dry, aging, dull, pigmentation

Andalou Naturals-Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask

•Skin brightener- Vitamin C

•Hydrates Skin-honey

•Improves skin tone, dark spots, and pigmentation


I love this mask as it’s very gentle and effective! Every time I use it it helps to completely clean out my pores, and gives me this amazing brightened glow! It has a slight tingling and warm sensation, but only lasts for about a minute. I’m in love and will always use!

Bentonite Clay Mask

Skin Type- Combo, acne, oily skin

Indian Healing Bentonite Clay Mask

•Calms inflammation + breakouts

•Removes sebum (oil)

•Reduces acne +pimples

•Detoxes skin

•Deep cleansing

It’s important to not let this mask dry completely. About 80% dry is perfect for not over doing it! It comes in a powdered form. All you do it mix with pure water, and add some essential oils (optional) to bring further skin healing benefits!

(My favorites are lavender, frankincense, and purification)!

Honey Mask

Skin Type- Dry, acne

Living Libations Frankincense Honey Mask

•Prevents + heals acne



•Full of antioxidants

•Gives you that pretty natural glow

Honey is absolutely incredible at healing acne prone skin! Its moisturizing and soothing properties are the perfect combination to clear your skin! And to top it all off, frankincense is my go to essential oil for clearing away pimples and lightening scars. This mask could not have been thought out better to bring health and healing to your skin!

If you can incorporate an enzyme mask for exfoliation, a clay mask for deep cleansing and removing impurities, and then top it off with a soothing honey mask throughout your week, this is the perfect combination to help heal your acne (or any issue) prone skin!

Comment down below what your favorite type of mask is!