What I Eat In A Day For Clear Skin

During my whole journey to clear my skin, I have been trying out countless of diets, cleanses and detoxes, to figure out what in the world will help clear my skin!

Well through many trial and error, I finally found a way to eat that has helped to clear my skin…for now!

I say for now, because I don’t plan to eat like this forever.

There’s always seasons in our lives where we will have to make an adjustment to what we are goin through at that time.

I’ve never delt with major acne before until these past two years. So, I’ve been adjusting the way I eat in order to better help my skin.

I am currently saving up to get a stool analysis done, to find out the root cause of my acne, but until I can officially get one, this is the way that I am eating to help support clear skin and a healthy gut microbiome!

Now remember this is not the cure all for clear skin, or the diet that every single person should be following.

But I found through many tests and many failures, that this diet has really helped to keep my acne at bay, and my skin as clear as possible.

You may find it very helpful, or maybe find a few helpful nuggets, or maybe you won’t like anything I do!

And thats fine!

As long as I can be of help to somebody!


I love to start off with a cup of hot tea. My go to’s are stinging nettle, lemon ginger, or spearmint.

All these teas are excellent for healthy and clear skin!

I then drink a glass of Suja juice, (or cold pressed veggie and fruit juice).

Now keep in mind this is different than the famous Naked juice. A cold pressed juice is filled with a lot more nutrients and way less sugar!

I love that before I eat anything, I’m filling my body with healthy vitamins and nutrients. These will greatly help to flush out toxins, and start my day on a good note! 

Once I’m done drinking my juice, I will then drink a full glass of water with lemon squeezed into it. It’s so important that we drink plenty of water when we wake up, since we usually wake up dehydrated after many hours of not drinking.

Lemon water early in the morning also aids in healthy digestion and can even be used as a laxative if you drink it with warm water.

OK, so you can see my morning breakfast doesn’t come until after all the liquids, so I usually need to wait about 30 minutes until I use the bathroom to make room for in my stomach!


I try to start my breakfast with coconut yogurt, an apple cut up with jumbo blueberries, and a dash of cinnamon.

This is a naturally sweet meal with lots of probiotics!

We all know that probiotics help to maintain a healthy gut microbiome, which is crucial for clear skin.

And I love choosing fruits to add into it that contain a ton of antioxidants for my skin. Apples and blueberries are perfect for that!

And a dash of cinnamon for an extra delicious taste, and extra health benefits as well!

Second Breakfast-

Since this breakfast doesn’t fill me up for too long I’ll usually have a vegan Matcha protein drink or I’ll have my Love Grown chocolate been cereal that my sister got me addicted to!

This cereal is very healthy, gluten-free and made with three types of beans!

Beans? Yes!

It of course doesn’t taste like beans, but has a very natural chocolate flavor with very low sugar, and I absolutely love it!

I buy this delicious protein from Sprouts. I put one scoop in some almond milk, one scoop of my collagen, and add a dash of cinnamon.

Let me tell you second breakfast is my favorite!

Ill usually have my second cup of tea for the day sometime in between this time and lunch. Rooibos is another skin healing favorite!


So I have a few different recipes that I make for lunch, but for now I’ll share just one.

I love making my vegan pasta. I use the brand Simple Truths mushroom pasta sauce, with the same brand of pure lentil noodles (I love the spiral ones).

Ill usually add some spinach and broccoli for some veggies. Shower the pasta with nutritional yeast, and you’ve got yourself a delicious and hearty meal!


Between lunch and dinner I usually get a little bit snacky and this can be a dangerous time because…

I love snacks!

I usually go for a protein bar, some applesauce, dried mangoes, or a new favorite lately are carrots and hummus.


For dinner lately I’ve been having a steamed orange sweet potato, (loaded with beta-carotene for skin health), scooped out onto garlic quinoa.

I love to load on spices such as cumin, turmeric, pepper, paprika, garlic and onion!

I’ll add all of this onto a fresh bed of spinach. So tasty!

You can also add some grilled veggies such as onion, bell pepper, and broccoli!


If I have any dessert, I love a piece of dark chocolate, or some more of my chocolate bean cereal… it’s that good!

But if I’m really trying to stay away from sugar I’ll have an apple sauce cup or a cup of tea. (Yes it takes a lot of self control to skip the sugary desserts!)

So to sum it all up, I really try to eat as many vegetables and fruit, protein and good healthy fats. I love naturally orange food which are filled with healthy skin vitamins and nutrients!

I really try to avoid highly processed foods, sugar, dairy, gluten and corn.

I have noticed such a difference in my skin when I eat like this!

If your curious to a few other recipes I love, check out 3 Recipes To Clear Acne and Heal Your Gut!

What are some of your favorite skin healing recipes?