Does Drinking Coffee Make Acne Worse?

There are so many opinions whether or not coffee causes acne.

Well I hope this post can help reveal the truth about this very popular and delicious beverage!

Let’s get straight to the point. Is coffee bad for your skin health?


Coffee doesn’t directly cause acne. But, there are a few related factors that could contribute to your skins flareups.

Let’s find out what those are!

Sugar and dairy

“Would you like some coffee with your creamer?” Does this sound like you?:)

As black coffee doesn’t contribute to acne, the straight up sugar, milk or creamer you pore into it can.

Sugar and dairy are highly known to disrupt your gut by causing inflammation.

Too much inflammation and it will show through painful zits on your skin!

I know coffee is so much tastier with a little sweetness added, but if you’re trying to save your skin, try adding a splash of vanilla almond milk, or a packet of Stevia sweetener.

*You can also try the new Bulletproof coffee, which has healthy fat to act as the creamer instead of milk and sugar. Everyone I know who drinks it says it tastes amazing, and they notice better results with their health!


I used to think that it was coffee that was contributing to my acne, but what I later realized is that I drank it mostly at work when I was in a high stress environment.

I remember one day in particular, I was feeling very anxious, stressed and tired.

I thought drinking a cup of coffee would help me wake up. But what I realized was the caffeine made me even more anxious.

You see when we stress, our body releases cortisol hormones which are stress hormones.

Some studies have been shown that caffeine can raise cortisol and adrenal levels in the body.

That day I realized coffee is a great helper, only when I’m not in a high stressed state.

So when I thought coffee was breaking me out, I assumed ditching it altogether would make my skin clear up. But what I really needed to do was to practice stressing less.

So although coffee doesn’t cause acne, it can make your stress levels increase. And we all know stress can cause acne.

What we also need to consider is that everyone’s body and genes are different.

One person may be able to drink one coffee a day before feeling jittery or anxious, while another can drink 4 shots of espresso and be fine.

The key is to listen to your body, and to do what is best for you.

Lack of Sleep

This may or may not apply to you, but some people drink coffee as a little pick me up in the late afternoon.

This can cause your sleep cycle to be disrupted or even cause you to get little to no sleep at all.

Sleep is extremely important for our health. This is when our body heals itself, finishes digesting everything from that day, and it’s when our hormone levels decrease.

A lack of sleep can cause you to become very moody and on edge the next day.

But what we don’t realize is that when we don’t get enough proper sleep, our hormone levels can’t decrease, which causes stress, and in result causes acne.

This is a huge chain reaction of events, from coffee to sleep to hormones to acne.

But it’s very important to realize how one choice could lead to an undesired result.

Benefits of drinking coffee

There are some positive things from drinking coffee including:

•May reduce the risk of certain diseases such as: type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer.

•Improve your mental clarity

•contains important nutrients

•full of antioxidants

For All You Coffee Lovers

My biggest advice to you would be to enjoy that delicious cup of coffee, but stick to maybe 1 to 2 cups per day, and drink no later than noon so you can still have a restful nights sleep!

Limit the sugar and use non-dairy milk! There’s also healthier creamer options out there!

Don’t drink when you’re super stressed (if the caffeine bothers you, you can switch to decaf).

To read more about how our sleep can affect our skin click here!



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