The Power of Niacinamide For Acne

Niacinamide aka nicotinamide is one major form of vitamin B3 (niacin).

It’s full of incredible skin healing antioxidants, and is a hot topic right now for obvious reasons!

Let’s explore some of these amazing benefits niacinamide brings to our skin!

Benefits Of Niacinamide-

•Reduces inflammation

•Helps build keratin-a protein that promotes healthy and firm skin.

•Helps to build a ceramide (lipid) barrier. This can help your skin stay plump by retaining moisture.

•Helps treat acne

Lightens hyperpigmentation (you can usually see results of lightened scars as early as four weeks).

•Regulates oil production

•Shrinks pores

•Protects against sun damage and oxidative stress: pollution, stress from the environment, toxins

•Lightens wrinkles and fine lines

How Do I Use Niacinamide?

The best way to use niacinamide is to find a serum that contains it.

I love using serum’s because they can deeply absorb into our skin.

I’ve been personally using the niacinamide from The Ordinary and have been loving the results!

I think I’ve hit the 4 week mark, and really have noticed my hyperpigmentation lightning, (my dark spots are very stubborn).

I also love that it’s a very safe and natural ingredient to have in your skincare routine! (I’m all about the natural!)

I’m excited to continue to see how niacinamide helps to heal my skin! Let me know if you’ve tried it, what your favorite brand is, and how it’s helped you!💛


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