The Candida Diet

If you have been following along with my journey on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve started a new diet.


A word that I’m very familiar with, but have a strong dislike towards.

I guess you can call us friends because it’s clearly my only option at the moment.

I’ve been on this journey to clear my acne prone skin for over two years now. And let me tell you, I’m over it.

I’ve done countless diet and fasts and juice cleanses and restrictions, only to still find my skin blooming with a little red spots.

Well I am believing that this is the last one I will ever have to do for my acne.

How am I so sure?

Because Im going to the root of my problem.

Inflammation inside my gut.

Because of the past two years of extreme stress, I know for a fact that it damaged my gut.

Stress causes inflammation, and inflammation causes acne.

As simple as that.

And I have been blown away by how much stress affects our gut, and how our gut is so important for the rest of how our body runs smoothly.

So How Does the Diet Work?

The Candida diet has the goal to eliminate the candida (bacteria and yeast) in our gut. We do this by avoiding inflammatory foods and by taking certain anti-fungal supplements.

Since we are trying to kill the bad bacteria, we don’t want to give it the foods it feeds off of.

This diet is pretty strict, and may take months to follow, but I finally have some hope.

First let’s look at the symptoms of Candida.

•Weight gain

•Digestive problems (such as IBS)

•Hormonal imbalance

•Skin Issues


•Chronic fatigue

•Brain fog

•Reoccurring yeast infections

•Arthritis/achy joints

•Multiple sclerosis


•Itchy scalp/skin

•Gluten intolerance or food allergies

If you suffer from any of these or maybe all of them, you could look into doing some kind of Candida diet.

Foods To Avoid:

As there is so much information out on the web about what specific foods to eat and stay away from, I have found an article written by some very qualified specialists that work with candida and their patients. And they have come up with a very approachable way to do this diet.

It’s still very strict and you have to eliminate a lot of foods, but because they want to help people stay on this diet for a longer time period, they have made a few small exceptions to certain ingredients so that it’s a lot more doable over a longer period of time.

If you want to check out this blog for their full list of foods to eat/not to eat, it’s called NaturalTastyChef. This is the diet I personally am on.

But generally the main foods that you are to avoid are:



Sugar (also including most fruits)


Corn ingredients

Starchy Vegetables



Refined oils and fats

Processed foods



It doesn’t sound like it leaves you with very much does it? But I was very much surprised with how much I can eat!

Best Foods To Eat During a Candida Diet-

Now it’s important to know that to follow a very strict candida diet you have to limit certain foods until you get further along on this diet.

For example, the certain article that I am following recommends not eating certain fruits until at least 90 days in.

This is only because certain fruits break down in the gut as sugar, and it’s best to eliminate all sugar during this diet.

After 90 days, you should have more control of the amount of candida residing in your gut (hopefully little to none), therefore making it okay to start reintroducing these certain foods.

Let’s find out some very helpful foods that help fight candida:

•Apple Cider Vinegar

•Green Veggies/Cold Pressed green juices

•Coconut oil


•Ground Flax seeds

•Chia seeds

•Pau D’ Arco Tea

•Bone Broth

•Spices such as Cinnamon + Tumeric

•Fermented Foods

I try and base my meals around a lot of these foods in order to help fight off the candida.

Important Supplements to Take:

It’s very important to be taking certain supplements to help kill any existing candida, and to help feed the good bacteria in your gut.

After a lot of research I have found a really good probiotic and a supplement to help with the Candida cleanse:

I am taking Probulin Daily Care Probiotic and Purely Holistic Candida Cleanse Supplements and so far am noticing great results!

I also may add in a digestive enzyme if I’m feeling bloated or ate too much.

My Results So Far…

So far I have been on this diet for 101 days now, and I feel better then I have in a long time!

At first, I lost about 3 pounds just because on week one, you have to do the cleanse part, and that is mainly vegetable soups, salads and liquids.

But the further along you come on this diet, the more foods you can implement, and now I’m back at my normal weight.

Now, the whole reason why I started the diet is to clean out my gut, so that my acne can clear up.

I’m so so so excited to tell you that my active acne is gone! I think I have maybe gotten 2 pimples this month and they go away a lot quicker and are not as inflamed! (For me that is a miracle)!

I honestly think I am only breaking out because of my time of the month. But hey, I’ll take it!

I am now dealing with my hyperpigmentation, which I am totally okay with!

I also feel a lot lighter, and not as tired during the day. I believe that the simple fact of eating healthier is giving my body the nutrients it’s been lacking and therefore giving me these amazing results!

I feel so much better knowing that I’m not just putting a bandaid on my skin, but I truly am going to the root cause of what’s causing my acne, so that I can actually deal with the whole problem and find a real solution!

And not only will this diet help my skin, but it will help to decrease inflammation in my body overall, and to help heal my gut!

If you have any questions feel free to ask away!!





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