The Makeup I Used While Clearing My Acne

I’m so excited to share with you the makeup (foundation) that I used while I was clearing my acne!

During this time I really didn’t like to put makeup on very often because I wanted to allow my skin to heal without it always being covered up.

but let’s be real, it was VERY hard to not wear makeup whenever I would go out.

At first I was wearing a foundation by Bare Minerals, but I felt like this was a bit heavy on my skin.

My sister introduced me to this very clean, all natural makeup brand called Alima Pure and I fell in LOVE!

They use very clean + minimal ingredients, and you can feel the quality of the product!

This is a loose powder foundation and it feels so light and clean whenever I put it on.

They also have 45 different shades, so you are sure to find the best match for your skin type!

It’s also very affordable and seems to last forever!

The only ingredients inside are:


•Titanium Oxide

•Zinc Oxide

•Iron Oxide

No harsh or toxic ingredients!

I truly believe that by switching over to using this light coverage, mineral based foundation, it really helped my skin during my healing journey. I would have to say that I’m a customer for life!

Alima Pure Satin-Matte Foundation

I also have been loving Alima Pure’s powder based concealer for my dark under eyes and those stubborn scars I’m working on lightening! It has very decent coverage and it comes in the cutest little container! But don’t let this size fool you, a little definitely goes a long way!

Alima Pure Concealer

Let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried Alima Pure, or if you have any questions! Sending love!


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