Clear Skin Christmas List

I’m not sure about you, but for me the best Christmas gift I could ever receive would be to clear my acne for GOOD!

I feel like I’ve tried almost everything when it comes to clearing my skin.

Through this process, there were some products and methods that totally flopped, but then others that I have fallen in love with, and will continue to use for life!

All because of the fact that they truly did help to clear my skin!

And since Christmas is coming up quick, I’ve decided to put together a few of my favorite products that actually WORKED!

Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask

I got this mask around the beginning of fall, and it was a dream to put on my face! I personally love the smell, and it literally feels like the inside of a pumpkin! If that sounds gross to you, let me tell you the results I’ve had because of this mask is amazing! My skin has never looked so glowy, and it has helped to minimize breakouts, and even fade pigmentation! This mask has natural enzymes giving you a really deep exfoliation, which breaks up bacteria that causes breakouts. I have been using this 2-3 times per week, and have been loving the results!

Blume Meltdown

Okay, so you all must know how much I’m in LOVE with this spot treatment! I’ve never experienced a combination of oils that are this genius! If you look at the ingredients, you will see that it’s only filled with natural, healing essential oils for your skin! I can completely relax knowing that if I find a new breakout coming, I can zap it with this bottle of magic! Since using this on my skin, my breakouts are a lot less often, and they disappear so much quicker! You will not regret trying this puppy out! Read about my experience in detail here. And use this link to get 10% off, such a great deal!

Synbiotic (probiotic + prebiotic + enzymes)

You may have heard all the hype about these supplements. But this isn’t just a common fad that will soon go quickly. Gut health is so extremely important for our health and well being, let alone our skin! If we don’t have enough good gut flora in our colon, then so many problems including IBS or leaky gut syndrome can occur. I experienced these when I was breaking out, and I knew that I had to heal the inside of my body, before the outside could get better. Now that I’m taking this very specific probiotic, my health and skin is doing so much better! This probiotic contains prebiotics and enzymes to feed the probiotics, and break down food. It’s also able to withstand the harsh acid in our stomachs, so that it’s able to reach the deepest and most important area in our gut! And a bonus of this is that it’s so affordable considering it’s a synbiotic! Find out why it’s so important to take a probiotic here.

“Green” Black Walnut Wormwood Complex-2 Pack

You may be wondering what the purpose of this interesting little bottle is for. Well it’s for getting rid of any parasites that may be living in your body. I recently just finished a parasite cleanse, going much longer then I expected, a total of 8 weeks. It’s so important to make sure we don’t have any parasites inside of us, because they actually can live off of our nutrients and vitamins, causing some pretty serious heal problems. If you’re like me, and you love to invest in good quality supplements to heal your skin, you will never actually receive the desired results, if you have these little critters stealing them from you! That’s why I knew it was important to make sure I got rid of any existing parasites before I could actually see improvement in my skin! If you read my post about parasites, you will see that I actually did see some in my stool, and I am thankful that I now know I am free of them! My skin as a result is looking so much more clear, and I am feeling so much better overall.

Gaia Herbs Vitex Berry Hormonal Supplements

When I was going through a very stressful time, my acne was at its worst. I knew that my hormones were struggling, and that I needed help to balance them. I went to my naturopathic doctor and she prescribed me these supplements. I took them for about seven months, and I noticed so much improvement in my mood, my skin, and just my overall well-being. It’s so important that our hormones are balanced, because if not it can cause a whole mess of other things to occur. Read about how these have personally helped balance my hormones here.

Living Libations Rose Glow Face Cream

Im always on the hunt for a really good moisturizer for my very dry and acne prone skin. Well I saw this little bottle of rosy moisturizer by Living Libations, and I thought it looked really pretty! I looked at the ingredients and of course they were amazing! It’s fiilled with only natural healing, non-comedogenic ingredients, so I decided to give it a try! I love the fact that it doesn’t break me out, and that it has such a pretty pink tint, giving me that really amazing glow! It also is just so pleasing to apply on my skin, with peace of mind knowing that it’s so good for my skin!

Josh Rosebrook-Nutrient Day Cream Tinted SPF 30

OK, so you may have heard me rave about this new Josh Rosebrook nutrient day cream tinted SPF 30! I have fallen in love with this product because the ingredients are completely natural, and it is so healing for acne prone skin! I love when I can find a product with many uses in one, and this definitely meets those standards! It contains a moisturizer, SPF, and a tint all in one! I would definitely recommend this product to anybody, and I’m excited to continue to see just how healing it is for my skin! Go look at the ingredients in this baby, you will be so amazed at how incredible it will be for your skin!

Thayers Alcohol free Rose Petal Witch Hazel

Toners are super important for acne prone skin! It tightens pores, is anti-inflammatory, restores your skins pH levels, and is a natural moisturizer. Ever since using Thayers natural witch hazel I have fallen in love with it! This gives me such a bright and natural glow, and it definitely helps to remove impurities and to moisturize my really dry skin! I also have noticed that ever since I started using it, my skin has stayed a lot more clear. It’s also very affordable and I’m thankful for that because I will forever be a customer for life! Read why it’s so beneficial to use this toner here!


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